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Quantum Data Analytics is dedicated to fostering a partnership driven by success. Our compensation is exclusively based on the profits we generate for you. There are no hidden fees, no extra costs – everything is encompassed within our services. Our business model thrives on transparency and fairness.

With Quantum Data Analytics, you reap the benefits of our expertise and we achieve success together. For our comprehensive service, we only charge 10% of the net profit produced within a 30-day billing cycle.

In doing so, we ensure that our success is directly tied to yours, and our interests remain perpetually aligned.

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Easy Overview!

At Quantum Data Analytics, we prioritize transparency and fairness in our pricing. Our straightforward and uncomplicated billing structure guarantees that you’ll always maintain a clear overview. Our customer-centric model is designed to foster a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

We adopt a results-based approach: our earnings are directly proportional to the profits we generate for you. In particular, our current commission is set at 10% of net profit, computed over a one-month period.

Here, ‘net profit’ refers to total revenue minus all costs associated with trading. Should we fail to generate a profit for you within a billing cycle, you will not incur any costs for our service. Moreover, our service remains free of charge even when we’re able to identify more favorable market entry points for you.

With Quantum Data Analytics, you’re not merely investing in a service; you’re investing in a partner committed to your financial success. Your bottom line is our bottom line, and we harness our vast capabilities and cutting-edge AI technology to ensure you receive maximum returns on your investment.

Easy Process!

Utilizing our service is remarkably straightforward, boasting a seamless design. Begin with a risk-free, no-cost registration on our website to acquire membership. To clarify, your membership will always remain free of charge.

Following successful verification, and after equipping your exchange account with the necessary API permissions, you gain access to our exclusive program. We wish to emphasize that this comes with zero obligations on your end. You are not bound by any requirements and maintain full control at all times.

Our trading bot operates 24/7, and you have the ability to activate or deactivate it at your discretion. Despite retaining full control, we recommend acquainting yourself with the helpful tips and advice compiled in our comprehensive FAQ section. These insights are specifically designed to optimize your trading experience with Quantum Data Analytics.

Depend on the technological advancements and superior service that only Quantum Data Analytics can offer. Reap the benefits of our advanced technology and expertise to help you attain your trading ambitions. Initiate your free membership today and discover just how effortless and profitable automated stock trading can be.

Easy Design!

At the beginning of each month, we will send you a detailed statement of your trading results. We calculate your profits based on the entry-exit consensus, after deducting all applicable trading fees. This difference results in the net profit of your trading activities. From this amount, a profit share of 10% is due. Our transparent and fair accounting model allows you to always keep track of your investments and directly monitor their success. Our goal is to achieve sustainable and profitable trading results together with you through our expert knowledge and technological excellence.

The Main Questions And Answers!

What requirements do I need?

To participate in our program, you must first establish your own exchange account, for instance, with a cryptocurrency trading platform such as Binance or Coinbase. Integrating your exchange account with our trading robot requires granting the appropriate API permissions. This step allows the trading robot to carry out transactions on your behalf within your account.

To aid you in this technical setup, we have developed a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow tutorial. This guide will walk you through the process of granting API permissions, ensuring you configure the necessary settings accurately. The link to this tutorial video can be found here: LINK-TUTORIAL!

How does it work?

Upon completion of the registration process on our website and setting up the necessary API access permissions on your exchange account, you can seamlessly activate or deactivate the trading robot in the ‘START-STOP’ section. Our system is designed with simplicity in mind, requiring minimal prior knowledge for operation. It boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, and you maintain full control over the trading volume by setting its size yourself. Detailed instructions on how to utilize our platform are provided in our user manual.

Do I still have access to my account and what do I need to be aware of?

Of course, we guarantee unrestricted access to your account at all times. You are free to make individual adjustments to the positions initiated by our trading robots. However, based on our extensive experience, we recommend keeping interventions to a minimum in order not to compromise the efficiency of the automated trading process. It is crucial that the amount of capital you provide while using our service remains available for the trading robots’ activities.

Is there a minimum deposit?

The availability of capital for trading directly influences profit potential. To ensure optimal trading conditions, we suggest a minimum trading capital of 250 USDT. However, it’s worth noting that although trading accounts with less than 1,000 USDT in capital could potentially achieve similar returns, trading fees may constitute a significantly larger portion of these accounts’ profits.

Currently, we do not mandate a specific minimum deposit and thus accept smaller amounts. Yet, we might introduce a minimum deposit of 5,000 USDT for our services in the future. Should this change transpire, existing accounts with trading capital under 1,000 USDT may no longer receive service.

A successful model without hidden costs?

Our services are billed only when your portfolio registers a profit. In times when your portfolio incurs losses, our services remain complimentary, even if our interventions allow you to make purchases at lower rates.

We see it as our corporate duty to offer a fair fee structure. In our view, it would not be fair to impose fees if we do not achieve positive returns over a certain period, such as one month. This model not only safeguards your financial wellbeing, but also motivates us to strive for excellence in our daily stock market trading activities.

Billing period for one month?

The accounting period within our company spans exactly one calendar month, starting on the first day and concluding on the last day of the respective month. During this accounting period, we conduct a thorough analysis of the net profits generated, having already deducted trading fees and any losses. If a positive balance is present, a fee amounting to 10% of this balance is charged.

The entire settlement process is fully automated, ensuring efficiency and eliminating the need for intermediate settlements. The only exceptions are for customers who choose to discontinue our services in the future. In such instances, a final fee statement is issued on the day of contract termination, provided there are any costs associated with the termination of the contract.

How can I pay for the service?

In each invoice issued, the pertinent payment information is presented clearly and accurately. At present, we offer two primary methods for settling outstanding balances.

The first option is the traditional bank transfer, a tried-and-true secure method for completing transactions. With this option, you simply use the account details provided on the invoice to make a direct transfer of the amount due.

The second option enables you to make a payment directly from your exchange account. This can be particularly convenient if you already have an active account on a trading platform and have ample funds available there.

It is worth noting that we maintain individual accounts on each trading platform where we offer our services. This approach ensures efficient and secure processing of all transactions, regardless of the payment method chosen.

Assets that we currently trade!

We have simply, simplified!

Through our thorough analysis and the development of cutting-edge trading robots, we have garnered significant experience that allows us to achieve superior results for our clients. Our objective is to simplify the process to such an extent that even those with no prior market knowledge can attain significant success with us.

Results That Convince!

Trading Bot Morai

The results from November 2022 are self-evident. Despite a market crash which led to the partial deactivation of the trading robot, Morai was still able to generate a net profit of 12%. Furthermore, during a minor bear market rally in January 2023, it managed to achieve an impressive return of +33%.

Trading Bot

At Quantum Data Analytics, we provide you with access to six state-of-the-art trading bots, each deployed according to the current market situation. These specialized bots alleviate the need for complex decision-making and enhance your trading activities. We undertake the demanding task of managing and fine-tuning these bots, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Our trading bots offer more than mere trading support – they serve as your catalyst for efficient trading, saving you invaluable time. With these automated allies at your disposal, you can confidently monitor developments in the ever-fluctuating digital asset market.

The greatest advantage of our trading bots? You maintain full control and unrestricted access to your stock market account at all times. At Quantum Data Analytics, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Unlock the potential inherent in our trading robots and discover how they can transform your trading strategy. Learn more about our trading bots today!

Trading Bot

Our trading robots are highly specialized algorithmic systems designed to autonomously execute trades of digital assets within our clients’ stock market accounts. They operate under meticulously defined rules and complex algorithms that we conscientiously integrate into the systems.

These algorithms leverage historical market data analysis to anticipate future price trends and make informed buy and sell decisions. Furthermore, our trading robots are equipped to respond to current market conditions, enabling round-the-clock trading on all exchanges that permit the technological integration of our systems.

It’s important to note that the performance of our trading robots is directly contingent on the quality of the data and algorithms supplied to them. For this reason, we place a significant emphasis on the continuous monitoring and adjustment of our systems to ensure optimum trading outcomes.


The trading algorithms that drive our trading bots utilize an ensemble of four technical indicators: Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Volume Price Trend (VPT), and the Stochastic Oscillator. These indicators work synergistically to generate buying signals, with their functionality further enhanced by data derived from volume and volatility indicators.

The algorithms take into consideration an extensive range of time frames, from as short as one minute up to four hours. This offers a balanced perspective by capturing immediate price fluctuations whilst acknowledging longer-term market trends.

It’s critical to highlight that these indicators primarily serve to generate buying signals. Selling decisions, conversely, are driven by dynamic values, which are adjusted according to current market conditions to maximize profits and minimize potential losses.

Unlimited Trading

Our service package provides a comprehensive execution of the trading process, conducted by our advanced trading robots (trading bots). All executed transactions, along with access to our customer support, are included in the total package price, and there are no additional fees within our services. However, it’s important to note that we have no control over any charges that your individual exchange account may incur with your respective financial services provider. You should account for these potential costs in your calculations.

Profit & Loss

The performance of individual trading robots, or trading bots, can significantly differ. At Quantum Data Analytics, we utilize trading bots that achieve returns ranging from +0.5% to +6.5% per trade. Simultaneously, we employ trading bots that are guided by the trailing stop method. This strategy allows for optimized profit realization through dynamic adjustments of the stop loss mark in response to rising prices.

Potential losses are contingent upon the respective market conditions, and thus, can fluctify. Nevertheless, we have instituted mechanisms to curtail risk. Our system initiates an early stop if the drawdown – the reduction in portfolio value – reaches -5.6%. This safeguard serves to protect our clients’ capital and minimize possible losses.


We regularly publish monthly reports on the technical performance of our trading robots. These reports are made available across all our communication channels and in the member’s profile area. Additionally, you can directly view your individual Profit and Loss (PnL) statement in your brokerage account.


Trading in digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, is inherently speculative and carries a significant risk of substantial financial loss. While our trading robots are designed with specialized algorithms to minimize potential losses, the inherently volatile nature of this market introduces inevitable risk. Despite utilizing cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated algorithms, we cannot predict future market movements with absolute certainty. Consequently, we cannot accept liability for any resulting losses. Despite our best efforts to manage our trading activities based on informed knowledge and thorough analysis, we can’t guarantee success without exception. Additionally, we cannot be held liable for the technical systems used in our operations, as certain factors like potential internet outages, which are classified as force majeure, are beyond our control. Learn more about the risk.


Our comprehensive analytics at Quantum Data Analytics are dynamic and meticulously updated every 14 days. Our premium package grants you unrestricted access to our entire suite of analytical methods. This encompasses traditional chart analysis that scrutinizes support and resistance levels, coupled with in-depth statistical and regression analyses.

We employ cutting-edge artificial intelligence to generate precise and insightful price forecasts. These invaluable predictions are a fundamental component of our premium package, designed to assist you in making informed trading decisions.

Moreover, we ensure that you remain abreast of all our advancements. Any future analytics we incorporate into our offerings will be added to your package without any extra charge. With Quantum Data Analytics, you’re not just investing in the current state of the art but also its continuous evolution. Capitalize on our expansive and perpetually growing analytics portfolio to optimize your trading strategies.

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Chart Analyses

Our technical chart analysis highlights all significant support levels in green and resistance levels in red. Here, these color-coded price zones represent important price areas that can influence significant price movements. In this context, green signals a strong support level that represents potential buying opportunities. On the other hand, red indicates a strong resistance level, which could be an area where selling is likely to occur.

AI Price Prediction

By applying artificial intelligence, we are able to generate highly accurate price predictions based on moving average analysis. These predictions are graphically represented by an average line and an average channel, each in the color blue, and have a validity of 180 days. The black dot represents the daily closing price of the asset under consideration.

Price Zone

Price zones represent important support and resistance zones in the form of color-coded boxes and are an integral part of chart analysis. In chart analysis, these zones are marked in green and red. To identify a zone, there must be clearly distinguishable color overlaps that are accompanied by a correspondingly high trading volume. The zones should have acted as significant support or strong resistance at least once. The point within the zone represents the closing price of the day in each case.

Depth Analyses

The depth analysis enables the display of the respective indicators in their depth and signals potential trend changes. This information is visualized by color coding in the chart. Each point stands for the daily closing price. Currently, the following indicators are used:

  1. Volume price trend in the relative strength index
  2. Volume
  3. Money Flow Index
  4. Greed and Fear Index

Further indicators are continuously added and automatically taken into account.


In seasonality, we look at annual, weekly and daily trends.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a significant indicator that reflects the general interest in certain assets. In a thorough analysis, the course of interest is often represented graphically by a dashed line and adjusted in time to illustrate the development over time.


Chart Analyses

Quantum Data Analytics

Price Zone

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Technical Analyses


AI Price Prediction

The era of trading bots is about to begin!

We will soon start our service for managed trading bots and will be happy to let you know ahead of time when it starts. To do so, sign up for our newsletter without obligation. We are confident that we can start with our service in May 2023. On Facebook and Twitter you will find more current information.


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