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Numbers that speak facts!

These figures, among others, represent Erik Wimmer’s personal trading results. His success, stemming from years of experience and continuous learning, is something we aim to provide to our clients. The personal trading results, generated through charting and regression techniques, reflect profound knowledge of the digital asset market.

We’ve successfully incorporated this experience into the development of our trading robots, giving us powerful tools for generating long-term success. Our expertise, combined with innovative trading robots that stay one step ahead of the curve, can further enhance synergistic success. The trading bots were developed by us and are continuously updated with every new learning experience.

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What is Quantum Data Analytics?

Quantum Data Analytics is a multinational company, headquartered in Wiener Neustadt. Founded in 2023 by thought leader Erik Wimmer, our primary focus is on executing data analytics and implementing automated stock trading systems. In this endeavor, we harness the unmatched capabilities of artificial intelligence to consistently deliver peak performance and assure optimal results.

Was macht Quantum Data Analytics?

Beyond our primary line of business, we also provide in-depth insights into the market landscape through our exclusive and precise data analysis. This sophisticated market analysis allows us to identify and capitalize on previously overlooked opportunities. Leveraging these insights, we tailor and optimize our trading bots, which conduct automated stock market trades on behalf of our clients. These bots are highly advanced trading robots, the configuration and management of which is entirely overseen by our specialists at Quantum Data Analytics. This ensures professional and targeted execution of stock market trades, tailored to each client’s individual needs and objectives.

Are there other business areas?

Yes, indeed, we are continuously expanding into various business domains. Data-driven analytics remain at the core of our ongoing growth. Through the utilization of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies and social media filters, we can analyze posts in online communities, with a particular emphasis on those related to cryptocurrencies. This capability enables us to develop a real-time sentiment barometer that captures current opinions and discussions on pertinent topics. These innovative methods allow us to gain reliable insights and respond proactively to market fluctuations.

Our goal is the path of growth that we want to follow with our customers. Sustainable growth requires a solid foundation and the highest possible security at all levels!

Erik Wimmer

The Idea!


The desire to control trading robots through advanced analytics was ignited in Erik Wimmer back in 2018. This occurred when he transitioned from forex trading to digital currencies, recognizing the immense technological potential of this new asset class. Since then, Wimmer has committed himself daily to broadening his knowledge and expertise in the domain of exchange trading with digital assets. Specifically, he concentrates on the use of AI-based forecasting models and algorithmic trading strategies, continually optimizing the efficiency and profitability of his trading processes.

The origins of Quantum Data Analytics trace back to the spring of 2021, marking the inception of this groundbreaking initiative. Under the expert leadership of Erik, a comprehensive development program has since been rolled out, surmounting numerous legal and technical hurdles. Erik’s commitment has centered on meticulously navigating regulatory landscapes and steadily driving technological advancements. In May 2023, a significant milestone was celebrated with the official launch of Quantum Data Analytics, heralding the dawn of a new era in applying artificial intelligence to automated exchange trading.

The Implementation!


In 2018, the digital currency market was still nascent, with dynamics defined by significant volatility and uncertainty. This led many to initially regard digital assets as a potential passing trend. However, the relentless efforts and innovative contributions of numerous developers and pioneers in the cryptocurrency space fueled the continued growth and proliferation of these digital financial instruments. Their crucial work has ensured that these technological advancements are now deeply embedded within the institutional financial sector and are recognized as a crucial component of contemporary wealth strategies.

From the very outset, Erik Wimmer has been an indispensable component of our journey. His contributions, greatly enhanced by a plethora of trainings, lectures, and seminars, have played a vital role in transforming the initial concept into a tangible and noteworthy outcome. A substantial amount of source code has been written for Quantum Data Analytics up to this point. This encompasses programming our website, implementing six trading robots along with their associated peripherals, and developing our proprietary analytics technology. These extensive technical achievements have substantially augmented the value of Quantum Data Analytics.

The Future!


The potential for Quantum Data Analytics is immense. This is not solely due to the escalating significance of digital assets, anticipated to take a progressively pivotal role in the financial sphere in the near future. The driving force, however, lies in the state-of-the-art technology Quantum Data Analytics has pioneered in the realm of automated trading and data analytics. These innovative technological solutions are not confined to the domain of digital assets. Instead, they can be scaled to encompass the entire capital market, and furthermore, they hold applicability in other sectors. Thus, Quantum Data Analytics is establishing new benchmarks in data processing and algorithmic trading to effectively and smartly cater to a broad spectrum of markets.

The use of data analytics significantly impacts and holds substantial potential within the political landscape. By accurately analyzing sentiment data on political issues from social networks, a more profound understanding of public opinion can be achieved. Quantum Data Analytics’ cutting-edge technology is a universally adaptable tool, especially useful in areas demanding innovative solutions to specific challenges. The only limitations to this technology are within the bounds of human imagination. Our visionary approach extends beyond its application to digital currencies, encompassing a vast array of future application areas!


Erik Wimmer


Programmer, Market Analyst, On-Chain Analyst and Quant Strategies.

“People with a new idea are considered crackpots until the thing catches on.” – Mark Twain.


Passionate programmer and machine learning developer. Trader in forex since 2016, digital currencies since 2018.


Erik Wimmer, a programmer from Tyrol, is the managing director and technical developer of Quantum Data Analytics.

As a self-taught and passionate developer, Erik Wimmer possesses significant expertise in transforming ideas into final products. From a young age, he accrued experience in implementing regenerative energy projects, some of which garnered media attention. The associated innovations were often ahead of their time, laying a foundation for a more sustainable future.

Seeking new challenges, Erik Wimmer rekindled his passion for numbers, analytics, and experimenting with programming languages. His journey began in the challenging world of Forex as an active trader in 2015. By 2018, he pivoted to digital assets. Wimmer’s initial foray into web development occurred as far back as 2008. Since then, he has been expanding his knowledge across multiple programming languages, with Python being his primary focus.

Darius Elias Rey


IT Specialist, Project Manager and Business Analyst

„Was ein Hindernis für unser Handeln war, wird zukünftig unser Handeln beschleunigen. Das Hindernis, das uns im Weg liegt, wird der Weg.“
– Marc Aurel

Managing Director

Darius Elias Rey is the first Managing Director of Quantum Data Anlytics and is responsible for the day-to-day administrative operations.


Darius Rey received his training as an IT specialist for AE and then worked as a consultant/project manager in the area of ERP systems and business processes for various service providers.
His current position as Business Analyst is in a company for raw materials and alloys. The applications range from automotive to aerospace.

Darius Rey discovered his knack for numbers and analytics at a very young age. Consequently, it was only natural for him to utilize his expertise across a diverse range of areas, initiating his journey into stock market trading at an early stage. However, this wasn’t enough for him, and he began developing his own trading systems. His primary focus lies on commodities and foreign exchange, incorporating comprehensive statistical analysis.

In his spare time, Darius Rey enjoys embarking on short trips and hikes. He also cherishes his time spent immersed in good books. One of his favorite reads is “The Daily Stoic”, a book that has profoundly influenced him.


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