Safety and Security!

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Safety First!

For the processing of our payments, we rely on the quality of reputable third-party providers that are known for their security and reliability. Currently, we use Stripe as our payment service provider. The entire payment process is encrypted both with us and with our payment service provider.

We cannot rule out the possibility that unforeseen risks may arise, and we cannot provide any guarantees for our payment providers. However, we carefully monitor our systems and do everything in our power to ensure security. This applies equally to our payment providers.

Trading Bots!

No danger from trading bots!

Our systems act independently and are not linked to each other. Both the website and the customer portal are decoupled from the data analysis and trading bot systems. This results in a significant minimization of potential attacks that could be executed through the website. Sensitive customer data, including API information, is not stored in the customer portal.

We can ensure that there is no unauthorized access to customer accounts or trading bots, which could potentially cause damage. The systems for data analysis and trading bots are restricted in their data flow; they can only receive and send data from and to specific IP addresses.

My Account!

Protection of Customer Data!

Our website as well as our customer portal are secured by SSL encryption and artificial intelligence. We attach the highest importance to security and spare no expense in doing so. All of our customers’ activities are recorded and analyzed to identify unusual activity at an early stage and ensure that we can respond accordingly.

If there are any unauthorized accesses to your account, please contact us immediately. It is important for us to remind you that we will never ask you to provide us with personal information. If you receive suspicious emails, please forward them to us and delete them afterwards!


“You win, we win – Our success is based on your commission! And that is 10% of your net profit!”

Worldwide Trading!

Currently we offer Binance, but soon we will add other trading venues like Coinbase.

Unlimited Signals

All buy and sell signals are included in the package. There are no extra or additional costs!

24 Hours, 365 Days!

We trade around the clock, holidays and weekends, 365 days a year.