Quantum Data Analytics!

With the help of various and specially developed analysis tools, we examine the market for digital currencies and continuously develop the best possible strategies in the global network.

Quantum Trading Bot!

With our specially developed trading robots, we implement the strategies for our clients and adjust them to the markets in real time.

Stay on the pulse with us!

This page is under construction and we will let you know when it starts. Just sign up for the newsletter for free.


    Recognize trends in the chart!

    We analyze the cryptocurrency market on a daily basis and identify potential trends.

    Ai analysis and trading!

    With the results of the analyses, we calibrate the Quantum Trading Bots and control them for our customers!

    Maximum security for our customers!

    We offer our customers the best security in trading and data protection!

    The Quantum Trading Performance!

    Monthly trading results and Quantum Data Analytics growth will be here soon.  In the meantime, we publish our trading performance.

    Next Update Total Market

    The next analysis on the digital assets market will be published on 11/15/2022!

    Next Update Bitcoin

    The next analysis for Bitcoin will be published on 11/16/2022!

    Trading bots

    Our service for controlled trading bots will start soon!

    Short FAQ

    Why are not all pages freely accessible?

    Our website is under construction and the corresponding pages will not be opened until the service is activated. Pages like Bitcoin or Ethereum analysis are paid and only accessible for clients. The page with the analysis for the entire digital asset market is and will remain open for everyone.

    When will your service with the trading robots start?

    Currently we are in the last phase of the testing period! Stability, success and security are very important to us, so we are also taking our time for the tests in order to precisely analyze the data and find weaknesses. We are confident that we will be able to launch the service in July/August 2022.

    Who controls the trading robots?

    We at Quantum Data Analytics GmbH control our trading robots(Tradingbots) for the clients! Experience has shown that inexperienced customers have lost a lot of money with tradingbots in the past. Often the technology failed as well. To minimize such big risks for the customers, we control and calibrate the trading robots for our customers.

    What are my advantages?

    Through our in-depth analyses you will get a complete overview and outlook of the markets we have in our program. You can use the analyses for your own trading or enjoy the full service with our complete packages. Through our analyses you will learn how we assess the markets and under which parameters we control the trading robots. Transparency is very important to us, so you can understand our steps!

    The Quantum Strategy!

    Die Quantum Trading Bots!


    Automated trade!

    Controlled buy and sell signals to worldwide trading venues!

    Easy and fast!

    Very easy and efficient to use, suitable even for absolute beginners!

    Crash as a chance!

    Crashes become favorable buying opportunities through early stops!

    Very cost-efficient!

    Favorable and volume-based pricing with maximum security!

    The Quantum Data trading bots!

    Trading bots are trading robots that trade independently on the stock exchange according to predefined values. We have developed several trading bots that we manage for our customers depending on the market situation. Through our years of experience in stock market trading, we know which trading bots and the associated calibration to get the best possible out of the markets.

    Stay informed with Quantum Data Analytics!

    The Quantum Data Analytics!


    Classical Analyses!

    We create daily and weekly market and chart analyses for our clients!

    Exclusive Analyses!

    Regression and 3d analyses for in-depth market insight!

    AI Analyses!

    AI supported price forecasts with seasonal fluctuations!