Our analysis package includes all analyses and charts needed for professional stock market trading. Professionally prepared by our experts, the Quantum Data analyses cover several areas that go beyond classic chart analysis.

Our Assets:



Our analysis package is extensive. The analyses we provide are used by ourselves in trading.  They are updated every 14 days and extended if possible. Our package includes all analyses from Quantum Data Analytics GmbH. It includes classic chart analyses with supports and resistances, statistical analyses and regression analyses. With the help of artificial intelligence we create non-binding price forecasts, which are included in the package.  Analyses added over time are automatically added at no extra cost.  For up-to-the-minute news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube!

Im Paket:

1Chart analyses
In our chart analyses, you will find all important supports in green and resistances in red. The price zones that serve as important marks are color-coded in the form of boxes. Green means a strong support, red a strong resistance.
2AI price forecasts
Using artificial intelligence, we determine price forecasts based on moving averages. The prediction is shown in the form of an average line and an average channel, each in blue, and is valid for 180 days. The black dot is the daily closing price of the asset under consideration.
3Price zones
The price zones show the most important support and resistance zones in the form of a color-coded box. They are at the same time part of the chart analysis, where the zones are drawn in green and red respectively. In order to locate a zone, there must be overlaps that are different in color and the trading volume must be correspondingly strong. The zones must have served at least once as strong support and as strong resistance. The dot means the daily closing price in each case.
4Depth analyses
The depth analysis shows the depth of the respective indicator and possible trend changes. This is displayed in color in the chart. The dot means in each case the daily closing price. The following indicators are currently used: +Volume price trend in the relative strength index. +volume +Money Flow Index +Greed and Fear Index Further indicators will be added continuously and are automatically included.
In seasonality, we look at annual, weekly and daily trends.
6Google Trend
The Google Trend is a good indicator of the general social interest in the asset. The trend is shown as a dashed line in the in-depth analysis and adjusted to the timeline accordingly.

Our indicators!


  • Volume price trend
  • Relative strength index
  • Volume
  • Money Flow Index
  • Greed & Fear


Price zones

ETH ZONE 24-07
The price zone chart shows the zones of strong support and resistance.

Depth analysis

BTC G&F 29-07
The depth analyses allow trend changes to be better identified.

AI price forecasts

We use artificial intelligence to create possible moving average price forecasts.

Chart analysis

In the chart analyses, important resistances and supports are color-coded accordingly.