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    What are the benefits of Quantum Data Analytics?

    Certainly! With us, you receive not only comprehensive analysis of the digital asset market, but you can also directly benefit through our sophisticated trading bots. By entrusting us with the management of your trading account, you’re not just securing profits, but also safeguarding your capital from market downturns, as our trading bot is designed to pre-emptively sell before significant drops. There are numerous advantages to being a client of Quantum Data Analytics.

    Can I buy cryptos from you?

    No, you cannot purchase any form of cryptocurrency from us today or any other day. We are a technology and services company that specializes in analytics and automated exchange trading. We expressly do not engage in cryptocurrency trading.

    Is there a trial month?

    No! In our company, customers are not just numbers, but individuals who are all served individually. Adding or removing a customer from our system involves a significant amount of administration. Moreover, we operate on a commission basis and only earn money when we turn a profit!

    How can I use the service?

    By first registering simply and free of charge HERE. This will give you access to our analyses and to the internal part. If you want to use our service of controlled trading bots, you can choose your tariff HERE and then book directly.

    Is the platform secure?

    Yes! We do our best to keep the security of our platform always up to date. For example, our website is SSL encrypted and requires two-factor authentication and verification!

    Where is Quantum headquartered?

    The foundation and headquarters of Quantum Data Analytics is in Austria. We are regulated by Austrian laws and are currently a sole proprietorship. In the course of time and with appropriate success, the company will be transformed into a GmbH.

    When was Quantum founded?

    The idea of using trading bots to control the stock market accounts of customers came in 2018 and has been continuously developed. In May 2022 the platform went online and since May 2023 our service is fully offered. You can find more about us HERE!


    What analyses are offered?

    We have a variety of analyses that are continuously being expanded. Currently the following analyses are offered:

    • Market Analysis
    • Chart Analysis
    • Technical Analysis
    • Regression Analysis
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Time Series Forecasting
    • Deep Market Analysis
    • Seasonality
    • Price forecasting based on machine learning
    • and much more
    Is there a guarantee?

    No! Despite our diligence and constant checks, we cannot give any guarantees for the accuracy of our analyses. We are unfortunately not able to see into the future, despite our high technology content. However, we do our best to identify repeating patterns.

    Do I get a notification when a new analysis appears?

    We inform our customers via mail the moment when a new analysis appears. After that, the analyses are shared on social networks. Analyses that go into the archive are shared via a push-over button (alert bell). If you don’t want to miss anything, it’s best to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

    When will the analyses be updated?

    At least once a month, all our analyses are updated, provided there are new developments in this regard. It may happen that, due to unchanging data, the analysis on an asset may shift. As soon as the market environment changes, our analyses are adjusted.

    Do I have to pay for the analyses?

    No! Our analyses are and will remain free of charge. Analyses for the entire digital asset market, as well as for Bitcoin, are free for all to see. For other assets, a free account with us is required to see them in full.

    Who developed the techniques for the analysis?

    The regression analyses, time series forecasts, statistical analyses, deep market analyses and the price forecasts were developed and are owned by the founder of Quantum Data Analytics Erik Wimmer.

    My Account

    Where can I register?

    You can register HERE free of charge and without obligation.

    Where can I find my statement?

    If you have booked our trading bot service, you will find your statement about our services in the dashboard of your customer account under the item: Orders!

    You will receive the monthly statement once a month via mail.

    Can I change the tariff?

    We currently have only one rate package. In the course of time, more packages will be added, which you can then easily change as needed.

    Can I cancel my account?

    Of course! You can cancel your account and your tariff at any time without giving any reason. You can also delete your account at any time, but please note our privacy policy and our T&Cs.

    I have lost my access data, what should I do?

    This is not a problem. Just go to the Log In page and request their data at “Lost your password?”. After entering the email address of your customer account, you will receive an email with your outgoing train data and the request to generate a new password.

    I have lost my email address, what can I do?

    In this case, please contact us to clarify the case personally. Don’t worry, your data is safe with us and if you are the customer of this account, you will have access to it again soon!


    Are my API keys secure?

    Absolutely! We store here on our platform only the most necessary data that it needs to operate. Data such as API keys are stored directly in the trading bot system, which works completely independently from the other systems. The locations as well as the access data to the systems can only be done personally. As soon as they enter the data for the activation of the trading bots, the data is encrypted and sent to the designated system, where it is from there with the remaining data to the systems of the trading bots.

    Are my payments secure?

    For the payment processing of our service we use the well-known third-party provider Stripe. The company is known for providing its payment getways with the highest possible security. We cannot provide any guarantee or liability for Stripe. However, we do our best to make sure that all security features are adhered to.

    I was asked via email to re-enter my API keys, what should I do?

    We may ask you to re-enter your API key if there are problems with your account. In order to distinguish original emails from fraudulent ones, please compare the sender address of the email you receive. We send in such matters without exception with the address:! Please also check the input link! This address for this is:

    Our e-mail address and the input link are forgery-proof! If the sender of the e-mail does not match ours, it is a fraud! Do not click on the input link! You are welcome to send us the email, just be sure to delete it afterwards.

    Trading Bots

    What are trading bots?

    A trading bot is a computerized system that makes automated trading decisions based on defined rules and algorithms. It is mainly used in financial markets to execute trades based on market data and trends without the need for human intervention. Trading bots are often used by professional traders and investors to automate and optimize their trading activities. They can also be used by beginners to deepen their knowledge of the markets and improve their trading skills. However, it is important to note that trading bots also carry risks, such as the possibility of errors in the algorithms or dependence on current market conditions.

    Are trading bots safe?

    There is no guarantee that trading robots are completely safe. As with any computerized system, there is always a risk of errors or failures. Trading bots are also dependent on the data and algorithms they are based on, and therefore may not always make the best trading decisions. It is important that users:inside trading bots are aware of the risks and take appropriate precautions to minimize these risks. This includes understanding how trading robots work and the markets in which they are used, as well as regularly monitoring and testing the system.

    Therefore, we also take care of the configuration and control of the trading robots for our clients:inside. We have developed our trading bots especially for this purpose and know their strengths and weaknesses. Thus, our customers can sit back and watch how the trading robot trades continuously and efficiently.

    Where do I see the performance of the trading robot?

    You can find the general performance HERE. You can find your personal performance in your exchange account with your provider. Unfortunately, we can only see the personal customer performance to a limited extent, as we are dependent on the data provided by the exchanges. For this purpose, we maintain an additional performance account with Binance to determine the general performance. The general performance can vary +-2% to the respective customer performance.

    Do I need to make any other settings?

    No! The only settings you need to make is to enable or disable the trading robot. We will take care of all other settings!

    How do I know if the trading bot is activated?

    When we change the trading robot, we distribute the information on all available channels. As a customer:in, you will be notified first via email. 24 hours before the change takes place, there will be a notification via our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.


    I only pay when I make a profit?

    Yes, we work on a model of success. If we make profit, we charge 10% commission from net profit. If we do not make a profit, our service remains free of charge.

    When will I receive the invoice?

    We always take stock of the previous month on the first of the new month. It usually takes a few days for all accounts to be settled. We strive to have the appropriate invoices prepared and sent to you by the eighth of the month. However, there may be slight delays if there are weekends and holidays in between. You will receive the invoice from us via mail, to the address you provided when you registered on our website.

    How is billing done?

    Once a month. This has the advantage that you can cancel at any time. Occasionally, however, we may issue a special and offer discounts for an annual booking.

    How can I pay?

    In each invoice the payment details are included. There are two options. You can make your invoice by bank order or exchanges internally. We have a separate account on each exchange and some exchanges offer transactions within the exchange. We are working on implementing more payment options.

    My payment did not work, what can I do?

    This can be due to a variety of reasons. First, please check your account to see if the payment can be made through our third-party provider. If it still does not work, please contact us.

    I am late with my payment, will the trading bot be automatically deactivated?

    If within 7 days after you have received the invoice and reminder, we have not received payment, our service will be deactivated for you. This is valid until the outstanding amount has been paid in full. Please also keep in mind that in case of a possible delay in payment and the deactivation will put you back in the queue. This means that if we have an intake hold for new customers, you will be placed in the back of the line and will not be allowed back in for service until a spot is available for you. If there is a delay, please let us know immediately so we can respond accordingly and keep your current spot with us.

    Can I pay with other currencies?

    Currently you can pay our service only in EURO and soon with digital assets. Other currencies are in planning. We will inform you as soon as we have expanded our service in this regard.