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Here we publish our monthly trading bot results. The performances are presented technically and do not include prices. Currently this page is in draft mode! From July 2023 the current data will be displayed!

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We are currently still in the test phase. Therefore, only interim results will be published. As of July 2023, things will officially get underway!

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November 2022


The first results, represented graphically, are from our trading robots (trading bot) during the test phase in November. As previously announced, we have successfully determined the correct calibrations for one variation. This specific variation managed to generate a return of +12% from November 4, 2022, to December 2, 2022, even when the market had a -2% loss.

Trading occurred in the XRP/USDT spot market, using the Quantum trading bot Morai on the Binance platform. In total, the trading bot executed eleven market orders, six of which were losses and five were profitable. During this period, the trading bot was deactivated for several days and experienced intermittent short-term interruptions. Notably, before a market crash at the beginning of the month, the bot had sold all its positions, thereby protecting the client from the crash. It then waited for the market to stabilize before seeking new entry points. The smallest possible amount was traded during this test phase to limit potential losses.

Technically, the test month unfolded exactly as we anticipated, with no surprises. The systems operated incredibly stably, irrespective of the VIX, and utilized less than 4% of their maximum capacity.

In total, every variation was profitable except for one. The worst-performing variation broke even, mitigating the market's negative performance. We are gradually zeroing in on the optimal settings, and given the current status of the test phase, we plan to increase trading volumes starting in January. As per our plan, we aim to generate a daily volume of at least 50,000 USDT during the test phase.

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We are in the customer testing phase, so no archived data is available yet. We will start our service in May 2023. From July 2023, the data from the previous month will be here for reference.